Regional Economic Consulting

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. provides regional economic consulting services for its clients. This work focuses on the regional effects of specific economic events as well as an analysis of regional economy conditions.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. analyzes the economic impact of specific economic events. This analysis measures the total economic impact of events, such as regulatory and policy changes as well as industry changes, on a regional economy. Such analysis includes measurement of the impact multipliers relevant to the event in question.

The firm’s regional economic consulting work assists corporate clients by enabling them to monitor and gauge the economic condition of the regional economy as well as the performance of specific industries in the region.

Companies interested in gauging the condition of certain geographical regions of the economy can greatly benefit from the services that Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. offers. For example, businesses interested in expanding into new geographical sectors can benefit from Economatrix Research Associates, Inc.’s database and regional economic analysis. A region’s historical perspective and potential for growth can be analyzed and related to the industry in question.

Regional economic analysis can be used to construct sales projections, monitor performance of sales staff as well as to allocate marketing expenditures. Using the sophisticated expertise of the firm’s econometricians, the latest forecasting methods can be applied to develop sales projections which can be used to allocate territories and create targets for a sales force.