Business Interruption Damages

Our experts are authorities on how to measure the losses of companies due to business interruptions.  Dr. Patrick Gaughan has developed a comprehensive methodology for reliably measuring such losses. This methodology is set forth in Dr. Gaughan’s book – Measuring Business Interruption Losses and Other Commercial Damages. This book is the only book in the field to set forth a comprehensive methodology for how such losses should be measured. It features a step-by-step process that results in damage measurements that are reliable and non-speculative.

The methods set forth in Measuring Business Interruption Losses and Other Commercial Damages have been used by Dr. Gaughan and Professor Henry Fuentes as part of their expert analysis in commercial lawsuits for over twenty years. They are “tried and true” methods based upon sound economics, accounting and finance. They are also based upon the methods that have been regularly accepted by the courts.