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Forensic Economics

As defined by National Association of Forensic Economics Board of Directors, Forensic Economics is the scientific discipline that applies economic theories and methods to the issue of pecuniary damages as specified by case law and legislative codes. Topics within forensic economics include:

  • the analysis of claims involving persons, workers, firms, or markets for evidence concerning damage liability;
  • the calculation of damages in personal and commercial litigation; and,
  • the development and use of generally accepted forensic economic methodologies and principles.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. evaluates losses of corporations in litigation matters. These include lost profits in cases such as business interruption and intellectual property matters. Our firm pride themselves that our publications have formed an important part of the basis for the methodologies n the field of commercial damages.

Economatrix utilizes sound methodologies and the latest  research in the field to measure various components of damages. These include valuation of lost earnings and benefits, valuations of lost services and valuation of future medical care costs.

Dr. Gaughan and, Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. has done extensive analysis of many industries including the

  • Tobacco Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Insurance Industry

Each of these industries has its own unique economic and regulatory issues which affect the economic effect of punitive damages different. Dr. Gaughan can explain these effects so that judges and juries have a more complete picture of the economics of the industry prior to rendering a punitive verdict.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. evaluates losses in patent, copyright and trade secret litigation. Our firm provides relevant measures of damages including lost profits or reasonable royalties depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. We have developed peer-reviewed methodologies for certain types of trade secrets matters including those which result in a loss of customers such as trade secret cases.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. values businesses for a variety of purposes including sale of a business, shareholder disputes, matrimonial and employee stock ownership plan valuations. Our valuation work is applied to both public and closely held companies.

Our firm provides detailed critiques of opposing damages expert reports. We analyze such reports to determine the areas where damages may be measured inaccurately or arrived at using an inappropriate methodology. We can formulate detailed lines of cross-examination designed to expose the speculate methodologies or inaccurate loss measures.