About Us

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. is an economic and financial consulting firm that specializes in the measurement of damages and the valuation of businesses. The firm has an in-house staff of highly credentialed experts in the fields of economics, finance, accounting and statistics. In addition, the firm draws on the knowledge and capabilities of a diverse group of authorities from the academic community.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. integrates the latest state-of-the-art developments in academic research into a variety of corporate and legal assignments. In addition, the firm conducts its own stream of original and pragmatic research in a variety of areas of economics and finance. This ensures that clients receive the benefit of the latest techniques and methodologies in the fields of economics and finance.

The members of the firm are a combination of current and former professors of economics, finance and accounting who have taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels at a number of leading academic institutions. This active association with the academic community enables the members of the firm to not only be familiar with the latest developments in their respective fields but also to draw on their own personal associations with leading authorities to assist clients with the latest state-of-the-art methodologies. Indeed, the firm’s philosophy is to serve as a bridge between the pragmatic research work taking place in the academic community and the application of this work to the corporate and legal worlds.

The principals and associates of the firm have made important contributions to the field of valuation analysis. Their books and scholarly articles have helped establish the proper methodologies in this field. The experts at the firm are not only current with the latest developments in this field, they have helped create them. They are regularly called upon to teach other practitioners through continuing education seminars and other corporate seminars.