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Economatrix Research Associates, Inc.  is a boutique economic and financial consulting firm with a team of leading authorities in litigation and forensic economics and finance. Our highly credentialed experts are current and former professors in the fields of economics, finance, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and mathematics. Our experts pride themselves in remaining in the forefront of their respective fields and expertise by utilizing the latest methodologies to bridge the gap between ongoing academic research and its application to the corporate and legal communities.

We are The Scholarly Alternative to Damages Analysis and Valuation.

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Ten Mistakes Damages Experts Make in Lost Profits Valuation

Economic conditions are constantly changing. Sales and profit levels that a plaintiff  may have enjoyed in a strong economy, such as the years 2004-2007, may not be as relevant in a weak economy, such as  during the 18 month Great Recession that occurred starting in January 2008 and the weak recovery that followed. Taking sales levels from a boom period and projecting them into a very weak period may result in an exaggerated projection. Of course, each situation is different and brings with it its own special circumstances.