Litigation Economics

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. prides itself in the fact that it holds as clients some of the leading law firms and insurance companies in the United States as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies. Experts at Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. will render opinions on economic damages and valuations and are willing to defend these opinions in court, if necessary. In addition, the firm critically reviews opposing expert reports and helps prepare attorneys to challenge the speculative aspects of such reports. The firm specializes in evaluating commercial damages, lost earnings and benefits in personal injury litigation as well as business valuations.

Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. operates on the frontier of the field of litigation economics. Dr. Patrick Gaughan, president of the firm, is one of the recognized authorities in the field of commercial damages. His published works form a basis for the field’s established methodology for the measurement of commercial damages. The firm is able to combine his unique expertise and experience with the combined expertise of the firm’s own in-house staff of Ph.D. economists and accountants as well as the expertise of numerous highly specialized authorities from the academic arena.

The firm works with attorneys and insurance company representatives to help them understand the methods and opinions of opposing damages experts. In addition, Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. works with litigators to help them effectively cross examine opposing experts. Each case is handled uniquely depending on the needs of the client. For clients who do not have a background in the field of economics, finance or accounting, the firm draws on its background as a firm of current or former professors, to work with the client so that the client fully understands the relevant economic issues and methodologies being relied upon by opposing experts.

This litigation support includes evaluation of opposing damage reports, assistance with depositions and courtroom testimony. Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. also works closely with clients in helping them develop effective courtroom exhibits as well as in-court cross examination assistance.

Accurately measuring economic damages in a lawsuit requires unique knowledge. Defending such opinions requires both specialized knowledge and extensive experience. The experts at Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. have the requisite expertise and experience to very effectively function in the often intense litigation environment. Drawing on their backgrounds as professors in the fields of economics, finance, and accounting, they are capable of entering the courtroom and explaining their opinions to judges and juries in a simple and easy to understand manner.

The firm has established a national reputation in commercial litigation where their published scholarly works have helped develop the proper methodology to measure damages in a variety of commercial litigation including lost profits, business interruption losses and intellectual property cases as well as business valuations.