Litigation-Related Seminars

This seminar reviews the proper methods that should be used to value commercial damages. The program is usually presented by the in-house staff of Economatrix Research Associates, Inc., including Dr. Patrick Gaughan and Professor Henry Fuentes. Dr. Gaughan outlines the proper methods of measuring damages while Professor Fuentes covers the relevant accounting issues that are important to commercial damages analysis. The program utilizes as a text, Dr. Gaughan’s book, Measuring Business Interruptions and Other Commercial Damages, 2e (John Wiley & Sons, 2009).

This seminar reviews the proper methods that should be used to value economic damages in personal injury litigation. It covers the proper methodology in the field and also reviews how such damages may be presented in court. In addition, the seminar covers how such damages are sometimes exaggerated or inaccurately presented by some experts.

These litigation related seminars are offered independently by Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. or in conjunction with continuing legal education organizations. In the latter format, various experienced litigators serve on the panel and discuss issues such as the relevant case law as well as courtroom strategies.

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