Maximizing Corporate Value through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Strategic Growth Guide

Maximizing Corporate Value through Mergers and Acquisitions cuts through the hype surrounding M&A to take a calm, considered look at the many strategic growth options available to businesses. Utilizing the large body of research in this field, author Patrick Gaughan walks readers through both the risks and the benefits associated with different kinds of deals. In doing so, he offers a comprehensive treatment of key factors – including market, industry and psychological considerations – and their role in successful and unsuccessful outcomes.

A vital handbook for professionals considering strategic growth, Maximizing Corporate Value through Mergers and Acquisitions provides sound guidance and illustrative case studies on topics including:

  • Ensuring that M&A is part of an overall growth strategy
  • Understanding and achieving synergies
  • M&A for diversification
  • M&A for horizontal and vertical integration
  • M&A in emerging markets
  • The impact of valuation and premiums on deals
  • “Deal reversal” strategies to mitigate damage when deals don’t deliver as anticipated
  • Pursuing organic growth instead of growth through M&A
  • Alternatives to M&A such as joint ventures or strategic alliances

An essential reference for boards, executives, advisors and other practitioners, Maximizing Corporate Value through Mergers and Acquisitions offers an up-to-date guide for navigating the complex yet rewarding world of M&A.

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