Modern Combat 5: free download

Modern Combat 5:

The fifth part of the series Modern Combat completely Gameloft has many activities hysteria around him. Will surpasses its predecessor popular or overdraft?

What is the new head

Modern Combat 5 (MC5) just throws the actions of the security forces as a soldier named Phoenix and can identify yousmall role in Modern Combat 4. As the popular Call of Duty games, adinasoedd big, Tokyo, in this case, was attacked sekelompokmilitan violence. Wisse battling insurgents through a series of stages set around the Japanese capital.

Each stage is divided into MC5 different chapters. Each chapter has a standardplatform run and gun, destination-based phase, which includes tasks such as bomb disposal and periods multiplayer. To save space, the episode will be downloaded as you move forward.

MAEMAE many weapons to choose from and you also have squad includes four differentGrades: attack, reconnaissance, heavy and snipers. orazhiyai an important part of the game and has a direct impact on the difficulty of each level. For example, some missions require you to free hostages held by his captors at gunpoint to kill them. With the help ofgun is almost certainly kill both his captors and hostages so that more detailed picture dawell selected weapon before the play.
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Modern Combat has a robust multiplayer mode 5, which supports up to 12 players at a time. This is the best way to take advantage of the characteristics ofkohortatapozvolyavayki you to easily join your friends and join the battle. Multiplayer has all kinds of classic FPS games like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and free for everyone.

gêmyn near the road multiplayer Call of Duty series to kill bonus to modernizethe viewer as guns and helicopters.
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The game I played all goes well in terms of connections and do not feel very masalahdengan delay. I, however, find a number of problems with mycelium. There were several patikade can give birth to an opponent who quickly kill me before I even had a chance tomove. Even with the issues spawning multiplayer mode ynprofiad FPS is very good.

Take your gun and join the battle

Modern Combat Management 5 facing the same problem faced by many touchscreen shooters: joystick on the screen does not respond like the real thing.Joystick yangmengontrol your movements on the screen, and you can left side tries by moving the thumb of the right hand. shooting, grenades, zoom button, acgalluoedd special will also be on the right side.

The most responsive controls, but the problem by gunfire and grenade buttonlocated too close to each other. There are certain times when you accidentally throw a grenade, which may interfere with the game seriously, especially if you have problems dijarak close. Top-MC5 not blame so many other games, it faces the same problem. Hopefully Gameloft for application supportrheolwrar once.

Sound and kartinaborba

Much work has gone into Modern Combat 5 and the attention to detail is obvious: cartoon characters appear detailed and fluid levels are short enough and they do not happen again. This is not the graphics console, but is still in line for game device.
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soundThe game has high quality. Weapons have different voices and other sound effects such as tires screeching sounds plausible. Hammy acting is also solid, but usually not found in igrimobilen phone.

Despite the controls, it is still great for fans of FPS

controlsThey can be annoying and uncomfortable, but Modern Combat 5 is still a fun game with multiplayer promising.

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  • Modern Combat 5: download free
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