There is a series of editorials authored by the president of Economatrix Research Associates, Dr. Patrick Gaughan.  Please, use the links to view detailed information about an editorial of your interest.

Should Corporations Flush With Cash Use It for M&A – Track Record Raises Questions About This Strategy

As the US economy plods through the “Great Recession”, corporations are recording solid profits in the face of weak revenues. These profit gains have been achieved thorough efficiency improvements which all too often have meant fewer jobs.  The ironic result is that in this weak economy many…(Read More)

Why Do We Keep Asking Greenspan What He Thinks We Should Do About the Economy?

The continual attempts of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan to be a public advisor on the economy to all who care to listen is surprising in light of his horrendous track record. For example, just last week he told us in no uncertain terms that we need to let the Bush tax cuts expire. However…(Read More)