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Clean Master for PC 2014

Master Clean the Windows PC version of the popular Android applications is optimized. It removes unused files from your system and recover hard disk space. The application is very effective, it is useful and suitable for all types of users.

Optimization and Cleaningyourcomputer behealthy

MASTER CLEAN unnecessary files from your computer banished computer. planbarzo analyzed and finally, all of the files on a removable report, the list is divided by type: Audio / Video, and browser cache, junk files from aplikacijatreća faces (500), social garbage, invalid keys inregister and many others.

You can check the details of each of these items and where to find certain files that are cluttering up your computer.

optsiiameniu, you can set the Master to clean when Windows begins to open. Also, the notice tells you when a certain amount of uselessdata (100, 300, 500 can beat us, 800MB or 1GB).

In the end, the computer will also be master Clean bin context menu can be integrated (to clean junk files) takót can begin immediately scan your computer.

maksimalenizpolzvaemost and great design

Master Cleanse varnishesand flexible interface to the PC has a modern design, improved. Easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

Noizazterketa end, delete unnecessary files kojidve options: you can click Clean to remove any files that are not currently required to demonstrate or manually remove theFile triabvaAko are interested in only a few categories.

After cleaning, Clean Master is a graph showing the number of each category mestau restored.

Completely clean your computer

PK Master Cleanse lovely little dasoftvare thorough cleaning and maintenance of Windows.

naistinaCCleaneris a powerful alternative, although its features are so advanced, no doubt, much faster and more useful.

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